City of Mine Quickstart Guide

Learn to play City of Mine and build your city with these fast and easy guides.

Joining the Server

Get Minecraft Java Edition. Select multiplayer and enter server address ( to join.

Find and Talk to the Conductor

Select travel to, create, visit a city, or enter a join code.

Create your City

Enter name and select a region, click confirm.

Getting a Loan

Visit the bank, talk to banker, and choose a loan option.

Buy Land

Buy a claim stick from the 7tool vendor in the market. Search for land on foot, right-click to claim your property while holding your claim stick. You can also buy an existing property from the market.

Buying and Selling Your Goods

Go to the market to buy/sell, or sell to ABC, Inc. for a set price.

Ready, Set, Build!

Buy and use a build book for building modules or build block-by-block like vanilla Minecraft.


Travel between different cities via train by talking to the conductor and choosing where to go.

Declaring Bankruptcy

Visit the town hall and talk to the clerk. This is also where you can sell land, rename your city, and get your invite code to share.

Store Items in the Warehouse

Store excess materials in the warehouse by talking to the warehouse attendant and depositing your items.